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Birthday Party Face Painting

I love painting at birthday parties and will be painting for a little girl this weekend.
The picture below is when I first started face painting and boy have I come a long way!

When I first started my gig, I was using tiny and thin brushes which take a long time to paint a design. They're not as big as most people like them and it is more work than needed.
After watching a few videos and some on field experience, I realized quickly that bigger brushes, simple strokes, and pretty colors make for nicer designs and are not as long to make.

Here I used a sponge of two different colors for the background and then just free-styled from there. Normally, if I had tried this in my early months of painting, I would've used a tiny brush and tried to thicken it as I went or went over repeatedly. 
I do thank God for teaching me and the feedback from friends, family, and haters, lol. But really, all of the feedback makes me think and rethink on how to improve and so that I can continue to strive for perfection. Thanks so much for stopping by and don't forget to subscribe!

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