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Late Post: Purple Day also known as Epilepsy Awareness Day Pictures

This post is dedicated to Abigail and all those who live with epilepsy:

 There are many people who suffer from epilepsy and there is a set day of awareness know as Epilepsy Awareness Day or Purple Day. The day is March 26, the day supporters wear the color purple. 
    These beautiful girls (my stepdaughters) are always willing to support almost any cause especially when one of their friends is suffering with an illness. They're friend, Abby, is a sweet little girl who has been suffering from epilepsy. Little Abby was recently hospitalized for a week after she accidentally hit her head, which, knocked her unconscious for a few seconds. 
    When it comes to epilepsy, the epileptic individual has to be very careful not to hit their head as it will cause (I was told) more damage to the brain. After Abby's mother talked to several doctors and made numerous calls to their insurance carrier, they headed to Albuquerque for evaluation and treatment.
    After monitoring and a change in her medication; Abby is now back home and so far, is doing well. My prayer is that a cure will be found for all who suffer with this terrible (what to call it?) illness. I also believe God can heal people from this. I know not everyone will be healed and I'm sorry that I don't know the answer as to why not but have seen where God has healed people of many different illnesses and handicaps. 

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