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Do You Love a Bargain? Then Visit As They Grow in Clovis, NM!

I love finding good deals on kids clothing, especially since my children outgrow their clothing so fast.
I recently made a trip to As They Grow's store and found what I needed (loved) for my toddler. One of the items still had a store sticker on there...Hey Now! 
I felt like I scored some awesome products for an awesome price and wanted to share this with you. 
If you know of anyone who has little ones and loves to shop for bargain prices, tell them to check out this store.

 It is located on Main St- on the 400 block. The staff is very kind and will help you with any questions you may have.
Have you shopped here before? What deals did you find?

Disclaimer: I have partnered up with this (these) company (companies) for cross-advertisement. As always, I am expressing genuine thoughts and experience about the company (companies) mentioned.


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