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Face Painting for Birthday Parties!

Thank you for visiting my business blog! Whether you are looking to book me as your face painter or if you are a face painter looking for inspiration, I want to welcome you!

To those who are looking to book a face painter, feel free to contact me.
I will be booking parties and events pretty quickly so be sure to get with me soon.
I have been face painting for events and parties for a little over 3 years. I started when my son was just a few months old and fell in love with this new venture.
If you are wondering how and what I paint, you can see some more pictures in my GALLERY. Now that summer is just about here, I will be adding more pictures to this soon.
The above picture is just something I made for a friend but for my face painting pictures be sure to visit my gallery.

As for fellow face painters looking for inspiration or to start a business as a face painter, feel free to browse my blog and feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comments section. For consultation (help over the phone), I charge a small fee to help you with whatever you're curious about. 
You can email me with the subject title: Face Painting Consultation and I will get back with you,
email: queen of face painting @ gmail (dot) com

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